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EPS Information

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This blog shares information about EPS and other related plastic materials, especially for their recycling problem.

This blog shares information about EPS and other related plastic materials, especially for their recycling problem.

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EPS Information

How to Identify PET Plastic Materials

PET is also called polyester. Generally, waste plastics industry is the largest PET bottle made piece, which includes a variety of Coke bottles, mineral water bottles.

Bottle Category:

Imported bottles of tablets are generally divided into:
1.    A net sheet that is clean and free of contaminants does not contain PVC or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) not to exceed 0.3%, including water another operator. Net films including white sheet (i.e., a colorless transparent bottle crushed material), White Blue-chip, white, blue, green sheet (commonly known as the tri-color piece) green tablets, variegated pieces, the highest price in the white sheet, and so on

2.    The raw footage that included a bottle of wrapping paper and caps crushed material, which contains only the wrapping of raw footage. This is relatively good. Maopian have a clean and unclean points, generally speaking, Japan and Taiwan, relatively clean raw footage, Germany or Europe seem raw footage not been cleaned. Generally raw footage is most times 20% impurities but most raw footage should be in the 10-12% point impurities. Japan kind of good, only 5% of impurities, this depends on the supplier.

The price of raw footage, if in the same situation is in accordance with the net slice color classification.

Bottle chip index and differential

The first is the use of different indicators led to the requirements of different manufacturers.
Indicators blowing factory requirement is the melting point of 250 degrees and a viscosity of 0.7 or more cannot have a little impurity.
Indicators staple plant asking for is the melting point of 250 degrees or more viscosity 0.6

It can be seen blowing factory requires very high, but from last year, their price advantage in the past is gone, now shipping to basic chemical fiber plant.

How to identify indicators of these goods yet.

If the requirements are generally very accurate, then we should sent a special inspection agencies, such as I have been to Shanghai chemical plant to test, so the most accurate data.

But we are at the scene to see the goods, then it can only rely on simple instruments to measure.
1.    The first smell it, taste different from ordinary PET plastic bottles. Burned with a lighter look, and then will smell very fragrant and pleasant taste (just burn a bottle to smell), if the PET contains other ingredients, the taste is very pungent ingredients inside the bottle containing SEBS kind of cannot be used.

2.    See burning up part, if too much black or droplets quickly, most melting point is not normal, it is often in the film PET film.

3.    drawing, pull the wire when burning on the lighter, no longer see long strands, and then pull out the strands off, look in the middle of a breakpoint, silk is not rolled into a small ring-shaped, the more volume Description more high melting point. But in general, if a bottle flakes, should not be a big problem. The most crucial point! Is to tell which if they contain PVC, PET, this is fatal.

PET bottles can be recycled and GreenMax Poseidon is a draining machine that can dewater and compact the waste PET bottles.

First multi-sampling, and tile in a sunny place, PVC pale blue in the sun. If you have to fold among white crease.

These are visually identified, limited accuracy, mainly to see the experience.

There are better ways to more practical kind. Buy oven it. The temperature to 250 degrees in there for half an hour roast. If the goods contain PVC, then the surface will have a lot of yellow spots. If the melting point is not enough will be very melting fast.

In fact, PET also includes many varieties.

Such as foreign crushed PET film plant down, clumps material, length of less than 30 cm of roll film, which has a different customer base. Identification of these goods, strongly urged to check the oven.


The Production Capacity of Bioplastics Will Increase in 2018

In the 9th European Bioplastics Conference in Brussels this week, the European Bioplastics Association released the results of this study, according to the report, in 2018 the European bioplastics production will rise in 2013 on the basis of about 1.6 million tons.
The study by the European Bioplastics and bio-plastics and bio-composites Institute in Hanover, Germany, and co-editor of the Institute is located in Nova Hess made.
Bio-based, non-biodegradable plastics and obtain maximum growth, such as bio-based and bio-based PE PET. European local production of renewable plastic and compostable plastic is very likely due to the new EU directive cut plastic shopping benefit amount.
President of the European Bioplastics FrançoisdeBie said: "soft and rigid packaging is still the most important applications of bioplastics."
According to the European Bioplastics annual market data updates, the next four years rose sharply bioplastics production capacity is expected to reach about 6.7 million tons in 2018.
In addition, textiles and the automotive sector's demand for bioplastics will rise sharply. "From the enhanced permeability functional sportswear to the fuel pipeline - bioplastics is constantly applied to new markets."
The study found that Asia as a major bioplastics production center, will further expand its production capacity. Most of the projects currently planned will be settled in Thailand, India and China.
In contrast, the European bioplastics production capacity accounted for about 8%.
"We hope that the EU legislators will consider and effective use of significant environmental, economic growth, as well as our industry job creation potential. In this regard, the EU 2015 work plan should still include circular economy projects, and waste targets Review (the Waste Target Review) should be according to plan." Debbie added.

Thus, in the current energy prices are constantly rising, companies need to effectively control carbon emissions and environmental awareness of consumers around the world to eliminate the "white pollution" and reduce the general trend of rising greenhouse voice continued, "biodegradable plastics to replace traditional plastic bag is the trend,. "
At present, China's PLA and other biodegradable plastics production technology at the international advanced level, more mature and stable. However, due to the high price of the product, while countries without the introduction of relevant taxes, subsidies, etc., so the domestic market has not really started. Most of the current domestic production of goods for export, and in short supply. In addition, as part of the biodegradable plastic varieties of capital investment required is too large, the market is not mature enough, in addition, the Renewable Energy Law, solid waste treatment, Circular Economy Law and other relevant laws and regulations of the bioplastics industry has played a significant push effect. With the great support of the rapid development of low-carbon economy and national policy, this course will be shortened.
It has always been to develop the use of polyethylene plastic bags are used to in their daily lives, including as garbage bags, sorting bags. For plastics, the "green" concept is widely used. Biodegradable plastics because they can be natural degradation, it can and organic waste (eg kitchen waste) together with compost, compared with the general plastic waste, eliminating the need for manual sorting steps, which greatly facilitates the collection and disposal of garbage. 

For garbage clear regulatory measures are in place in countries and regions, petroleum-based plastics recycling saving may well be an important measure of environmental protection; but for the lack of clarity in the area of waste separation, the use of biodegradable plastics can urban organic waste composting and safe processing becomes more realistic.


Mexico Plans to Promote the Plastic Industry Development

It is reported that the Mexican National Plastics Industry Association Anipac first appointed president is considering financial and government affairs specialists, ready to apply for funding for the plastics industry within the company.
"This is a highly specialized area," says a senior insider Anipac, "the slightest mistake can lead to rejections."
It is not clear what condition the Mexican plastics industry in line with funded projects. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto since December 2012 had been to increase investment in scientific and industrial research. Last year, investment in this area amounted to $ 5.67 billion, rose 18% compared to 2012.
"Plastics industry in Mexico is different from any other industry," 19th Mexico Chinaplas organizer EJ Krause de México SA de CV general manager José Navarro Meneses said in an interview, "This is a side industry. If Mexico automotive industry ranks second in the world you want, we must have a strong plastics industry. "
Mexican automobile assembly industry growth rate of the fastest in the world called. According to the Mexican Association of Automobile Manufacturers said Amia, in October this year, the country produced 2.7 million lightweight vehicles, rose 8.5 percent.
This year, foreign direct investment is very impressive, the Mexican government and industry for nearly a decade assembling four million units per year target car is likely to be achieved.

But Navarro said the Mexican plastics industry growth opportunities appear in multiple areas, such as aerospace, medicine, home appliances and agriculture.
On the number of exhibitors (850), the exhibition area (366,000 square feet) and a number of concept development point of view, Mexico Chinaplas 2014 set a new record.
EJ Krause said the turnout on the first day of the show 5.3% more than last year. Visitor numbers reached 27,500 last year, this year is expected to reach 30,000.
Mexico's National Plastics Industry Association Anipac president expressed the hope to promote the development and modernization of the plastics industry through government-funded.
Francisco de Caso on November 18 at the Chinaplas 2014 in Mexico, said the association has been in touch with the Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs, to discuss how best to plan a way to promote the plastics industry.


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